Want a Raise? Women and Men Need to Ask Differently

Want a Raise? Women and Men Need to Ask Differently

An eye-opening piece in The New York Times about why and how women need to approach asking for raises differently than men do offers many good insights.

...they are less likely to ask for raises. Even when they do, their requests may be perceived as overly demanding or less agreeable.

We have found that if a man and a woman both attempt to negotiate for higher pay, people find a woman who does this, compared to one who does not, significantly less attractive,” said Hannah Riley Bowles, an associate professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, who has conducted numerous studies on gender, negotiation and leadership. “Whereas with the guy, it doesn’t seem to matter."

To get the raise The Times has a few good suggestions:

  • Be Proactive

  • Ask for What You Deserve

  • Do Your Research

Knowing what the market offers and being prepared to talk about it will help your case.

Tailor Negotiations

Don't make the negotiations all about you. Frame it in such a way that it its good for the company.Anticipate. Prepare yourself for whatever roadblocks your boss may throw up.

For more tips, check out this excellent article. We're not thrilled that there has to be two different approaches but at the moment we're also not thrilled that we are dealing with two different pay scales. [The New York Times]


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