Super Last-Minute Budget Memorial Day Getaway Ideas

Super Last-Minute Budget Memorial Day Getaway Ideas

So, you think you're stuck in the city this Memorial Day weekend? Not so fast!

If you've managed to sock away a little extra cash from following all of our advice, and are sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, think about a last-minute getaway for Memorial Day. Because we know you don't want to blow that hard-earned money, we've put together a few tips:

  1. is designed just for procrastinators like you. Similar to the other big travel sites, it helps you search for a flight and hotel, flight and car or flight, hotel, and car combo. You can also specify under $250, which from NYC means a trip to Raleigh, NC for $240 for a flight and hotel or Niagara Falls for $231 for flight and hotel.
  2. You'll also want to check those big travel sites for their last-minute deal section. For example, on Orbitz, you can get 50% off at the Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Orlando for Memorial Day weekend. Travelocity had a $256 package that includes a Hilton Head hotel and flight from NYC, when we searched*. You can also set fare alerts so that once a fare to a destination you'd like to go to reaches below the threshold you've set, you'll get an e-mail and you can grab your fare.
  3. Put William Shatner and his Priceline Negotiator to work for you. "But what if they pick some terrible hotel?" Do your research in advance and make your settings as strict as necessary. If you have your eye on a hotel, and it's the only four-star hotel in the area, you can search for only four-star hotels in that town, and you'll have a pretty good chance of getting that hotel, or something like it. You will have to be a bit flexible, though.
  4. If  it's a beach house you're looking for, you might not be out of luck yet. Try calling real estate agencies in the beach town you want to go to. For example, Sun Realty in the Outer Banks, NC only shows full-week rentals on their website, but we know for a fact that they do weekend rentals. If these agencies haven't rented out a house for the week, they're usually willing to do a long weekend just to get it off their hands.

Now, stop reading and get going! And, remember, don't forget to take care of your budget swimsuit, shades, sunscreen, and tote bag before you get there and are left with only expensive options. Now, you're set!

*These deals all go fast, so if you find a good deal, jump on it!

Let us know your plans, in the comments. And, if you are committed to staying put, we suggest at least you enjoy a BBQ one of the days of the long weekend.


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