Big Bags Need Chic, Too


The Problem

You carry around everything. Whether its diapers and a sippy cup, or a laptop and the latest bestseller, you're toting it. However, the bag you're sporting to fit it all in is either dowdy, expensive or not up to the job.

The Solution

You need something with strength AND style, much like yourself. We're talking hip, roomy totes that look entirely grown up—and not too bulky—when you’re out on your own—but that have plenty of room for necessities when you have your little one along.

Click on the first image below for a few of our faves—all well within your budget at $30 and less.

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  • melissamarieharrison

    I think adding a few cross-body bags to the mix would be helpful. Not only does it distribute the load more effectively on the body, but one's items are more accessible when the bag is secured near the hip. I love the oversize shoulder bags y'all chose, but I like having my hands free while I shop or walk around (especially if you're also toting a baby!).