Second Life (For Your CDs)

jpegSure, you’re emotionally attached to that Boyz II Men CD, but you’ve already put those songs in your MP3 library. You don’t actually need the old disc and cover art. At least, not more than you need a new iPhone.

The Problem.

You’d like to get rid of old CDs for spring cleaning, but your options are grim:

  1. Bring them to a used music store—a hassle that will earn you barely any money.
  2. Give them to your friends—except no one wants your collection because it’s not 1992.
  3. Throw them out—a big waste, and bad for the environment.

The Solution.

Ship off your old CDs (with prepaid postage) and get an iPod, iPhone, or iPad in return. No joke.

The Action.

Take a look at iPodMeister, which exchanges your old discs for a new piece of tech candy: Sending in 220 CDs will earn you a new iPhone 3G, whether your CDs are cool or not. Between your old high school collection and the pile of discs under the TV in your parents’ house, we don’t think it’ll be too hard to pony up. iPads, however, are not for the faint of heart, as they require 600 CDs.

The concept is simple, as is the site design. iPodMeister’s manifesto encourages its users to find simplicity: “It is easier to declutter if one knows that one’s CD collection will be appreciated again.” Your closet will get a breath of fresh air, as will you, since you’ll be reducing landfill waste (and CDs are not recyclable).

In case you’re worried that it’s too good to be true, iPodMeister makes money by reselling your old CDs for a higher price abroad. Many countries have fewer people with iPods, so good ol’ CDs are much more valuable. In exchange, we like watching our old music get recycled...all around the world.

It’s a win-win-win…for your old CDs looking for love, for the environment, and for you.

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