Never Pay For Amazon Shipping Again

Never Pay For Amazon Shipping Again

The Problem.

Amazon is so convenient that you buy nearly everything there, from books to kitty litter to vacuum cleaners. Really, the only downfall is that you hate paying for shipping. Everyone gets free shipping for buying more than $25 worth of goods at one time. But if you spend $23? Nope.

The Solution.

Don’t pay for shipping on Amazon ever again. Simply find an item that’s the exact cost you need to get yourself to $25, and call it a day.

The Action.

Visit Amazon Filler Item Finder, which searches for items by price and is amazing at finding an item that’s not a cent more than it needs to be. When we searched for something that’s 23 cents, it turned up a rear drum brake wheel cylinder repair kit (whatever that is).

Normally, Amazon shipping costs anywhere from $2 to over $8. For that price, you might as well just buy something else you could use. Instead of forking over $8 to have our computer delivered, we bought He’s Just Not That Into You. Okay, $8 only got us the book, rather than the movie. Something instead of nothing, all the same.

And now, next time we need to, uh, fix a car, we’ve got just the kit for the job.


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