6 Money Links We Love (4/19/2010)

6 Money Links We Love (4/19/2010)

In our tours around the web, we’ve found a few articles we thought you’d enjoy. Let us know what you think in the comments, below!

1. We’ve been complaining for a while now that interest rates are so darned low. Alas, SmartyPig has actually raised its rates to help savers. (WalletPop)

2. We're all about CSAs, so we were excited to see Brokelyn's recent article on the Brooklyn CSA. (Brokelyn)

3. Who said that money can’t buy happiness? People who spend money on experiences rather than material objects tend to be much happier.

4. Whether for mojitos for you and your friends counts as a worthy experience purchase…still unclear. (Lemondrop)

5. You like to feel valued, but it’s a little surreal when employers start fighting over your 401(k). (WSJ)

6. We’re not gonna lie; we love snooping on our neighbors. Check out this net worth comparison gizmo. (CNN Money)

Have you seen any other interesting articles around the web? Let us know what they are!


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