8 C-List Celebs Who Make More Than You Think!

judge judy
There isn't enough room in Hollywood for every celebrity to be on the A-list. Some famous and formerly famous people aren't on the cover of magazines every week and that relegates their status to somewhere around the C or the D-list. But before we discount these fringe stars let's not forget they're people too, and rich ones!

Yup, the secret truth in Hollywood is that through a slew of syndication deals, good brand management, and occasionally embarrassing endorsement deals these folks have been able to turn their fame into big bucks. They may be under your radar, but that's just because they're really busy counting all their money. Click through to see how much each of these C-listers is raking in!

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Did we miss any rich C-listers? Tell us who in the comments!

  • Kate

    Great Story you guys!!

    • carolinewaxler

      Thanks Kate! Please feel free to suggest ideas that you'd like to see on LearnVest!

  • Kate

    great story you guys

  • wardrick

    Let's get a few things straight: Hewitt is on a current hit network TV show. She's not “C-List” by any stretch. And Simmons and Hagar are both rock icons. Let's not dismiss a couple of legends as being C-list simply because they aren't on “American Idol” every week. Any of THOSE singers would kill to have either Hagar or Simmons' legacy. Judge Judy? Sure. But not Hewitt and certainly not the rock stars.

    • carolinewaxler

      Great points. Thank you for weighing in.

  • eatyourfeedback

    Not Kim Kardashian, ad nauseum? She and her ilk are by far lamer celebrities than Jennifer Love-Hewitt – who, by the way, is hardly a C-Lister.

    • carolinewaxler

      Good call!

  • Debra Eddy

    Judge Judy is not lame. She is an extremely intelligent woman who has made a great career for herself in one of the most popular syndicated shows ever. More power to her!

    • carolinewaxler

      Debra, I hear you. Judge Judy had made a great career for herself. Thank you for weighing in.

  • This website is very confusing and hard to navigate. Does anybody else find this as well?

    • carolinewaxler

      Hi Brandon–Thank you for your comments. Would love to get your feedback so we can improve users' experience on the site. If you have a moment please drop me a line at caroline [at] learnvest.com. Caroline

  • Clifford

    Who are these arrogant wealthy showoffs[douches] and how do they affect my existance? Do they cater to the out of work people? help with birth control or stop STD's, Help sick people? Do they help military families? Do they set styles and show young men how to pick up there pants? Maybe they are just a bunch of rich clowns who need canned laughter.

    • seethroughyou

      You need to lighten up. These people's good fortune didn't cause your bad fortune. They don't owe anybody anything.

  • seethroughyou

    You need to lighten up. These people's good fortune didn't cause your bad fortune. They don't owe anybody anything.

  • Webwoozle

    Judge Judy is MEAN and a sorry excuse for a judge. She invites the cases there and then berates the people and embarasses them in front of the world. What’s good about that?

  • Horatio

    Caroline and Jo – Your list of who is “C” list is retarded. Most of these people are A list. Magic Johnson. Kathy Ireland? Re-brush up on your definitions.