5 Money Links We Love (4/26/2010)

5 Money Links We Love (4/26/2010)

In our tours around the web, we’ve found a few articles we thought you’d enjoy. Let us know what you think in the comments, below!

1. We still haven't cut the cord to go fully online with our banking but here are 5 good reasons to do just that.  (WalletPop)

2. VIDEO: "Saturday Night Live" takes on Obama's latest financial reform. (Huffington Post Comedy)

3. Fast Company's list of the most important women in technology is a must-read. (Fast Company)

4. We love going DIY when we have time. Here's how you can brew your own beauty potions using food you already have. (Woman's Day)

5. "I Went on a Five-Month Shopping Cleanse That Ends This Weekend." The title says it all. (Lemondrop)

Have you seen any other interesting articles around the web? Let us know what they are!


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