5 Money Links We Love (4/22/2010)

5 Money Links We Love (4/22/2010)

1.  In celebration of Earth Day, we are thrilled to hear that it is easier than ever to get paid to recycle.  With RecycleBank, a new curbside recycling program, you can earn up to $400 per year through better recycling habits.  Kudos to RecycleBank and WalletPop.com for bringing this to our attention! (Walletpop)

2.   Let’s face it.  We love to shop online and for some of us, online shopping is an addiction.  It’s quick, it’s easy and at our fingertips.  But beware: online shopping may be causing you to overspend. We suggest you make an online wishlist and save it for the holidays.  Read up on why online shopping seduces you into overspending and learn out to stop the habits and save in the process! (Lemondrop)

3.   For the college seniors out there, many of you will graduate this spring and start apartment hunting.  When you are ready for the big move, plan your apartment purchases ahead of time so you are savvy with your spending.  Those sofas, beds and kitchen stools can add up quickly if you aren’t careful!  For an open discussion on the topic and suggestions on where to shop and save, check out this blog article on Bundle.com. (Bundle)

4.  We all want to give the bride and groom a special gift on their wedding day but with wedding season right around the corner, it will pay to be smart with your shopping.  That’s why we love SmartMoney’s Deal of the Day advice on how to save on wedding gifts. (SmartMoney)

5.  If you’ve been struggling to find a job in this economic environment and are worried about your family’s financial wellbeing, you are not alone – thousands in America have searched long and hard for jobs and have been coming up empty.  Use these helpful tips from CNNMoney to reevaluate your strategy and increase your chances of finding employment. (CNNMoney)


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