5 Money Links We Love (4/20/2010)

5 Money Links We Love (4/20/2010)

At times, it can difficult to find good advice and trustworthy resources on the web.  To help you find articles worth reading, we’ve selected some reliable links to get you the answers and information on personal finance you need.   We love your feedback, so feel free to comment below!

1.  If you’re graduating from college and trying to tackle your credit card debt and poor credit score, you are not alone.  Use these helpful tips to get your credit card score back on track. (Lemondrop)

2.  Are dining out and buying groceries breaking the bank?  We love these 12 tips from Marie Claire. (MarieClaire)

3.  Got a tax refund from the IRS?  We suggest making changes so you don’t receive one next year. But for this year’s tax refund, don’t let it go to waste!  Turn to CNNMoney.com for helpful tips on putting that money to good use. (CNNMoney.com)

4.  Has your credit card been canceled due to recent reform regulations?  Don’t panic – learn what steps to take to keep your credit score intact. (Walletpop)

5.  Has money affected your relationship or marriage? Hilary Black explores the relationship between love and money in her 2009 book, The Secret Currency of Love: The Unabashed Truth About Women, Money, and Relationships. (Lemondrop)


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