This Drink's On Us

toastWith St. Patrick's Day coming up tonight, we don't want you wake up wondering where all your cash went (does life ever remind you of The Hangover?). You're so responsible with your money when you're sober, but it's easy to throw self control to the metaphorical wolves—actually pitchers of spicy agave margaritas—when drinking.

Here's how to prevent a money hangover:

The Problem.

You need to watch your drink and your pocketbook when you go out on the town tonight.

The Solution.

Impair your spending by hitting up happy hours and open bars, and by noting drinks that give you the best bang for your buck.

The Action.

Follow the drink deals. Make it your goal never to pay full price for a drink. One way to find nearby happy hours is the website Happy Hour, which allows you to search by city or by zip code. If you’d like to search for happy hours when you're on the go, try the Happy Hour Finder phone app, which uses your GPS to help you find the best bars. It's generally most successful in large metropolitan areas where there are lots of happy hours, but it has reach nationwide.

If you live in New York or Chicago, go where the going is free, with My Open Bar. As the tagline (“Your guide to free booze”) indicates, the listings let you in on the secret hotspots around your city. Many of the listings are for art openings and gallery spaces, so remember to slip on your skinny jeans and hipster wear before going out. My Open Bar has a phone app, too.

The next morning, you don't want to wake up next to a host of credit card charges...or the thought of all the calories you consumed the night before. For that, use iBeer Efficiency, which ranks your beer’s cost and calorie count, compared to alcohol content. It'll help you to optimize your drinks to achieve your desired level of inebriation.

Next time you're out on the town, remember to keep your wits, spare dollars, and luck of the Irish about you.


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