The Only Online Wish List You’ll Need

compThe Problem.
While surfing the web, you come across the perfect pair of ballet flats, an amazing Moroccan lamp, and "The Hurt Locker" DVD.

But you shouldn't be buying things for yourself constantly, so you put it out of your mind. Of course, months later, when you're asked what you want for your birthday or Christmas, you always seem to draw a blank.

The Solution.

Registries aren't just for weddings, and it's not tacky to know what you want.

The Action.

Check out Clearwish, a simple browser plug-in, to create a list of items on the internet that catch your eye. Simply click the Clearwish icon in your browser's status bar, or select the Clearwish bookmark/favorites item. A box will pop up to confirm the item and price. On their site, you can organize your lists by event or price, and share them with potential gift-givers by making them public or private.

Unlike merchant-specific wish lists like those on Amazon, the lists on Clearwish are currently the only ones that work across all online merchants.

One caveat. Clearwish only works with online shopping sites, so you can’t simply click on Jessica Alba's beautiful scarf in to add it to your list (the way you could at a shopping site).

While it’s impossible to quantify exactly how much you can save with Clearwish, think about the times you’ve returned a gift in exchange for credit at a store you hate, or not being able to return unwanted gifts at all. Getting exactly what you want is as good as, well, getting exactly what you want.


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