Find The Cheapest Concert Tickets Around

crowdIf you're into music like we are, you get band emails and Ticketmaster notifications every time your favorite group comes to town. But, whether you listen to Alicia Keys or Animal Collective, it's no fun when your concert is sold out.

The Problem.

When buying tickets to sold-out concerts, the best way to nab tickets is through a peer-to-peer ticket aggregation site like StubHub. The problem is, StubHub isn't the only player in the game, and shuffling through the myriad of aggregators can be really time-consuming.

The Solution.

Instead, use a website that suggests concerts you might actually be interested in, and then searches all the major ticket aggregators like Ticketmaster, Live Nation, eBay, and StubHub for the best price. It's a one-stop shop.

The Action.

Check out Livekick, a free service that keeps you in the know when it comes to ticket prices. Livekick continuously searches large ticket websites in order to provide all available prices. That way, if StubHub doesn't have what you're looking for, you don't have to set off a wild goose chase to find a site that does. Think of Livekick as a Kayak for concert tickets.

It lets you search for artists directly, or import your favorite bands from places like iTunes,, MySpace, and Pandora in order to receive customized concert suggestions. If you’d like, you can also receive personalized notifications of upcoming concerts so that you’re permanently in the loop. It's simpler than receiving band alerts and then going out to search for tickets.

For instance, if you wanted to see Ben Folds perform in New Jersey, you could save $81 by using Livekick instead of StubHub—Livekick’s lowest price is $55, whereas StubHub's is $136.

So, next time you’re re-watching Lady Gaga’s crazy new music video and thinking that it would be nuts to see her live, kick it back and let this website do its magic.


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