The Affordable Way To Be A Foodie (Slide Show!)

foodzieThe Problem.

We love fancy jams and cheeses from the farmers market, but we have a hard time planning our schedules around going. Plus, there are a limited number of sellers, so you can't exactly go comparison shopping for gourmet granola (we found 45 different varieties on Foodzie).

The Solution.

Check out an affordable online marketplace that allows you to buy local and artisanal food directly from producers. Think of it as an edible Etsy.

The Action.

Visit Foodzie, launched in December 2008. It supports small gourmet foodmakers by giving them their own online storefront from which to sell goods. This provides consumers with access to producers who may otherwise have a hard time landing their products on store shelves. “Our goal is to make good food more approachable,” says co-founder Emily Olson.

And affordable. Foodzie's breadth enables comparison shopping that wouldn't be possible at a traditional farmers market. For a limited time, Foodzie is offering free ground shipping on orders over $100 (though not for some perishable items that have to be shipped faster). Otherwise, there's a $7 flat ground shipping rate.

Our favorite part? Foodzie helps us find local venues through its producer map. We've mapped out some places we'd like to drop by in person to explore. For right now, we're happy to get our passion fruit marshmallows, pesto cheddar cheese, and bacon potato chips delivered to our desks!

Foodzie differentiates itself from online grocery sites like FreshDirect through its artisanal focus. So, if you’ve shackled your inner foodie for the sake of your bottom line, check out this slide show with our delicious finds:

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