Decoding Online Promo Code Websites


online promo codesThe Problem

You’re ready to make an online purchase, but you don’t have a promotional code. Yet, a LearnVester never pays full price!

The Solution

Look for a promo code online, in order to score discounts or free shipping. There are lots of discount/promo code websites out there, but many of them offer expired keys.

The Action

Follow our lead, by checking out some of our favorite sites (whose coupon codes are generally more reliable than others):

Coupon Cabin is one of the most comprehensive promo code sites on the web. Make sure you sign up for their (very useful) weekly newsletter.

RetailMeNot offers codes for about 50,000 stores. They’ll send you an email when new codes are posted for your favorites, and we like that expiration dates are usually listed by each coupon. That way, we won’t waste our time trying out codes that are really duds.

CouponChief is a bit different, as it encourages you to upload coupons and will pay you 2% of the sales that result from it. So, if you know of a deal, pass on the love!

Tip: If you have a specific item in mind and are not in the mood to sift through a promo code site, simply Google the specific item and the phrase “promo code” to see what turns up. The only downside to this, however, is that less-reputable sites might stick you with more results for codes that have already expired.

  • marie

    I always use the google search trick whenever I wanna find a promo code and it usually works. I’ve got discounts, free shipping and a lot of great samples. It’s definitely a must do before shopping online.

    Another tip: try to shop through websites that give you cash back- like Ebates or your bank’s reward/ cash back page; after you log in they redirect you to the online store you wanna shop and you get reward points or a percentage of your purchase in cash back.