Deck Your Walls The LV Way

canvaspopThe Problem.

Your mom’s faded, water-stained Kandinsky prints from the seventies are not cool. We’re not going to let you decorate your apartment with something tacky, but real art is expensive.

The Solution.

Order a genuinely artistic canvas to be created from your own photographs. It’s sort of (but not really) do-it-yourself…no papier-mâché required.

The Action.

Upload your artsy photos to CanvasPop, which will print them for you on real canvas and mail them to your house. You can apply special filters and effects, such as the illusion that your photo is really an oil painting.

For no extra cost, CanvasPop designers will optimize things like the contrast, sharpness, and red eye in your photo; you’ll receive a digital proof via email for approval before the print goes into production. You can pay extra to have your photo split over several canvases as a diptych, triptych, or a quad. Display options include having it stretched over a frame, or posted on a few different types of wooden frames. This isn’t the homemade art of your childhood.

The smallest canvas (8 x 10) costs $30; any order comes with free shipping if you buy more than one. The large canvases are admittedly pricier, but they’re cheap compared to art house works.

Our favorite part? Although photographs are the most common, you can also CanvasPop a piece of digital art (that verb is going to be a thing, just wait). Check out the CanvasPop gallery of vector art printed on canvas.

So, throw away your lame attempts at watercolor (unless you’re actually artistic, that is) and hang up a personalized, professionally-finished canvas of your own.


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