Travel Financial Confessions

Travel Financial Confessions

Make no mistake, this section is what not to do. But, in honor of LearnVest's Travel Week, we thought that it would be a nice group catharsis to send along some travel-themed financial confessions from our users. We advise you to read 'em, learn from 'em and NEVER repeat 'em.

Annie, 21, Princeton, NJ

"My friends and I didn't negotiate a cab fare in Naples before we got in the cab. We didn't realize that there wasn't a meter until we arrived at our hotel ... we ended up paying 20 euros for a 10 minute ride!"

Jessy, 23, Astoria, NY

"I wanted to visit my long-distance boyfriend, so I booked a cheap round trip flight. At the last minute, I realized that I reserved two tickets going in the same direction! So, I had to buy another ticket for the return trip. But then, he came up to visit me a few weeks later, and somehow he bought a ticket for the wrong month! I don’t know if there’s something weird happening on Spirit Airline’s site (and they’re not the kind of airline to give you major refunds, either), but then HE had to buy new tickets, too! We’re either made for each other, or doomed."

J. (via LearnVest's Facebook page, name withheld)

"Forgot to set up an international plan on my cell phone and returned from my three-week trip overseas with a $600 bill. I was able to get it down to $300, but it still hurt!"

Michelle, 26, Detroit, MI

"I was supposed to book a flight for my boss at work, but I screwed up royally. I booked it for the wrong month, and didn't even catch the mistake on my own. My coworker caught it a couple days before the big business trip, so I had to reschedule the tickets at the last minute. We were whacked with huge cancellation fees, plus the actual cost of the trip had gone way up. Basically, my screw-up cost the company almost $700. Thank God I didn't get fired."

Erin, 22, New York, NY

"I took jewelry with me when I traveled and I put it in my checked luggage instead of carrying it on. It was stolen from my suitcase ... probably a couple thousand dollars worth."

Allison, 23, Miami, FL

"I was backpacking for a few weeks with a friend, and we were on totally different wavelengths when it came to money. I thought we'd agreed to travel budget-style, so I told him to book accommodations and didn't check on the places he'd chosen. That was totally my own fault. I'd been expecting a cheap youth hostel in Barcelona for, say, 20 euros, but it turned out that he booked a legit hotel that cost 100 euros per night. I had to insist that we switch to actual hostels for the rest of our trip. Needless to say, our travels together got off to a rocky start."

Confession: Kaitlin, 22, New York, NY

"My luggage was over the limit (both suitcases) so they were going to charge me, like, $200. I talked my way out of the charges, so I ended up buying a pair of $350 sunglasses (the weather was not the way it was supposed to be). I felt like I could afford to spoil myself with a gift and since I got off not paying 200 bucks. Probably a bad decision..."

Olga, 23, New York, NY

"We were in Prague and got tricked into paying almost $50 for a really short cab ride from the train station to the hotel ... it should have cost, like, $5. The guy had a meter, but I think he set it up somehow to show a higher price. He was also really big, had our luggage in the trunk, and pretended not to speak English that well as soon as we started arguing with him. We also didn't have any small bills, so we just had to take the change that he gave us. When we arrived, the hotel owner told us that we got scammed, and that it should have been much, much cheaper."

Alistaire, 23, New York, NY

"I bought tickets online. Changed my flight and got charged 50 bucks. Missed my flight, and got charged another 50 bucks to change it back to my original later flight. Made me cry my eyes out at JFK. Ha, brutal. Didn't weigh my bag on another flight and got charged a big fee for an overweight bag."


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