Send Personalized, Painless and Penny-Pinching Postcards

Send Personalized, Painless and Penny-Pinching Postcards

The Problem

We think that postcards are a great way to share our travel experiences with the people we care about (or want to make jealous), but many postcards are rather generic, and sending them can quickly become pricey.

The Solution

Send a customized postcard with your own travel photos for a flat rate. Send from anywhere, to anywhere, without buying the postcard itself or worrying about varying international postage rates.

The Action

Check out HazelMail, which lets you do just that. Instead of simply emailing un-special photo attachments to your friends, give them a tangible, personalized mark of your affection. Upload a photo (or use one provided by Lonely Planet), format the postcard with a variety of colors, fonts, and borders, throw in the address, and viola!

When we backpacked through Europe, our postcard expenses included:

  • Postcard: about $1.
  • International postage: about 1 Euro, or $1.40.
  • Surplus stamps that we didn’t end up using: a few dollars.

Instead of almost $2.50 per postcard, HazelMail costs $1.50, no matter what. If you send 20 postcards over the course of your two-month backpacking adventure, you’ll save about $20 (not counting the extra stamps you bought by accident, or because they were only sold in a pack). What’s more, these postcards might actually feature you in them!

Our favorite part? HazelMail’s free iPhone and BlackBerry applications provide an even more hassle-free experience for tech-savvy travelers. You can literally take a photo on your phone, upload it through the HazelMail app, add a message and address, and send a postcard to anywhere in the world—with a few painless clicks.


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