Save Money on Things You’d Buy Anyway

saleThe Problem

The whole point of online shopping is convenience. But, we don't think it's very convenient to go click-crazy to find out if the item you want is maybe, just maybe, cheaper on other sites.

The Solution

Download a browser add-on that will pop up subtly to show you where else something is sold and if the price there is cheaper.

The Action

Check out Invisible Hand, which works with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The download process takes two seconds and even the most clueless among us was able to do it. What sets Invisible Hand apart is that it's a plug-in that will "watch" what you're viewing and let you know about deals; it's not yet another website for you to check in order to find the deals yourself.

When we Googled "Lost The Complete First Season DVD," our Invisible Hand pop-up listed ten websites where it was on sale, from cheapest (Amazon: $16.99) to most expensive (Borders: $40). Savings: $23. Note, however, that it doesn't account for differences in shipping costs.

We wish that the add-on worked everywhere and covered everything (especially when we plunked down too much money for Tory Burch flats at For now, it's limited to categories like books, technology, and beauty products; it's compatible with retailer sites like Amazon, Best Buy, and Overstock.

What can we say? We'd be, well, lost without it.


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