Never Lose Your iPod, Laptop, Cell Phone (Or Mind) Again

Never Lose Your iPod, Laptop, Cell Phone (Or Mind) Again

The Problem

Losing your iPod, laptop or any other electronic device is a big waste of money and time.

The Solution

Don’t lose your electronics, or get someone to return them when you do. No, really.

The Action

Register your valuables with TigerTag, a free, global lost-and-found service that claims a 75% success rate, with items often returned within 24 hours. It works for any electronic you want to protect, from phones, to cameras, to, umm, Tamagotchis.

The process is simple: Sign up online to receive labels for your items in the mail ($2 shipping and handling). The labels direct the finder to TigerTag and prompt her to enter a unique code. This triggers an email notification informing you that your beloved digital camera has been found. You can either arrange for the finder to return it in person, or for her to FedEx it back to you. Your only expense is the shipping.

The tag doesn't have your personal info on it; you can have the finder send the item to the nearest FedEx office if you want to maintain your privacy, though many users like to reach out and thank those who return their items.

Our favorite part? We can't promise that most people will be good Samaritans (other than us, of course!), which is why you can decide to offer a reward. You choose the amount, and either pay the finder directly or have TigerTag do it if the person ships the item back to you.



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