7 Ways to Have a Budget-Friendly Girls' Night on Valentine's Day

7 Ways to Have a Budget-Friendly Girls' Night on Valentine's Day

So, you don’t have a Valentine this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in your apartment for a daylong sob-fest. It also doesn't mean that you have to go shopping and accrue massive debt to forget the one day of the year we’re all supposed to be in love. Instead, grab some girlfriends and celebrate! Here are our favorite ideas for a budget-friendly girls' night:

Walk Like You're in a Romantic Comedy

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, you and your gal pals have all day to celebrate. Head outside to relive some of the magic for yourselves. New Yorkers have it easy, with plenty of romantic comedy titles taking place there, from Annie Hall to 27 Dresses. If you were to pick When Harry Met Sally, you could hit up Washington Square, Katz’s Deli, Brookstone, the Met, and Central Park. And then one of you could even make coconut cake (with chocolate sauce on the side) to eat afterward, as you watch the movie back at your apartment. Conversely, you could simply dress up in a sweatshirt, short-shorts, and have your friend stuff a pillow in her shirt to reenact Juno.

Themed Potlucks Let You Experience the Action

Since so many romantic fantasies are based on great works of literature and movies, why not recreate the setting of one of your favorites? Ask friends to bring thematically-appropriate dishes for a potluck. We're partial to Jane Austen, but you can allow past characters inspire more modern dishes (if you're not a fan of a Sunday English roast). Consider Thai food if you'd like to pay homage to the time Bridget Jones got detained in a jail there.

You're a Bachelorette, Too

Who cares if you’re not getting married? Surf the internet for bachelorette party ideas. A good faux bachelorette party can be as simple as wearing feather boas when you go to a bar, or visiting a burlesque show.

Skating Isn't Just for The Cast of 'Whip It.'

You don't need a date in order to skate arm-in-arm. Whether you opt for a rollerskating rink or ice skating outside, sip a hot chocolate and gossip with the girls who know you best.

Laugh It Off

Grab your gal pals and go to a comedy or improv show. Given all the sarcastic things we can think of to say about Valentine's Day, we're sure that the comedians will be in rare form.

Get Your Hair (And Nails) Did

This year was made for a girls' outing on Valentine's Day. Since the holiday falls on a Sunday, start a little early and spend some time at the salon. For a thriftier version of the same, buy your own nail polish, pull out a bottle of wine, and hope that your nails won't be the worse for it.

Chinatown Dinners are Cheap, Fun and Delicious

From Boston to New York to San Francisco, lots of big cities have Chinatowns. And, more often than not, the food they serve is not only authentic but also reasonably-priced. Gather a large group, set aside your concerns about greasy food (for just one night), and order those stupid wontons once and for all.


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