Our Resolution: Cook More

cookingWe're looking to trim our waistlines and our expenditures. Resolution? Cook more. It's easy to drop $25+ on dinner out (after tax and tip), but cooking can cost as little as $10—and feed you for the rest of the week.
Here are four cooking sites we LOVE:

1. Allrecipes
This site has the most unbeatable list of menus for under $10. Considering that the average family spends about $500 to $600 per month on groceries, it's a no-brainer.

2.  Epicurious
Condé Nast's tasty cooking site offers pantries filled with recipes built around specific ingredients.

3. Foodista
The Wikipedia of cooking! Users submit and edit encyclopedia entries about all imaginable foods, cookware, techniques, and more. If ever you’ve wondered about Kashmiri mirch, now’s the time to find out. You’ll never misunderstand a recipe again.

4. Food52
There are plenty of websites boasting quick and easy recipes, but food52 is different because it doesn’t. Co-founded by former New York Times Magazine food editor, Amanda Hesser, food52's mission is to encourage family bonding, environmental sustainability, general health, and community. Instead of providing thousands of recipes, this is a curated crowd-sourced collection of quality recipes—including videos!—for the enterprising cook in each of us.

The Bottom Line

If you do what's in this Daily, you save*:


$36 x 12 = $720/year

If you invested this amount every year and earned an 8% return, you would have $201,442 by retirement.**

That's LearnVest.

*If you cook rather than going to a restaurant once per week.

**If you are 25 today and retire at age 65. We calculated that number here.


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