3 Tricks to Making (and Keeping) a New Year's Resolution

3 Tricks to Making (and Keeping) a New Year's Resolution

According to a study by Fidelity Investments, 35% of respondents usually consider New Year's financial resolutions, but the lousy economy has grown that number by as much as 23%. What specific financial resolutions do these include?

• 51% want to save more money
• 30% want to spend less money
• 14% want to make or stick to a budget

But financial resolutions are harder to stick to than others, according to Fidelity. On average, people stay the course for about three months.

To stretch those three months to twelve, try these three tricks:

Assign Short-Term Deadlines

Example: "I will pay off X dollars of debt every month."

Be a Geek

Example: Make graphs to track your progress; we love nothing better than watching the beautiful upward curve of our savings.

Tell People

Email your progress to a group of friends—or, post it on Twitter—to let peer pressure do its magic. With LearnVest's Financial Boot Camp, you can meet your goals with the rest of the community.

Do these check-ins regularly. Make a weekly or monthly note in your calendar and stick to it.

Tell us: What are your financial resolutions and how are you going to achieve them?


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