10 Ways to Keep Your Salon Beauty Budget in Shape

10 Ways to Keep Your Salon Beauty Budget in Shape

There’s no reason to feel guilty for spending cash at the salon, as long as you don’t overspend. Here are ten LearnVest-approved ways to keep you from doing just that. We want your beauty budget looking ... beautiful!

Get Off-Peak

Many salons offer cheaper prices when trying to fill up gaps within the day. For example, a Wednesday 3 p.m. hair appointment can cost less than Saturday at noon. Ask the salon if and when they have off-peak discounts.

Go Demi-Permanent

Unlike permanent color, demi-permanent hair color will gently fade out of your hair without leaving a harsh contrast line. You'll need to get your hair colored less frequently if you do this, so ask your stylist if your hair will be a good candidate.

Protect Your Hair

Use UV-protective sprays on your hair when out in the sun (yes, even if you're just going to and from work in the winter) and wash with gentle shampoo to maintain color longer between appointments.

Ask About Discounts

Many larger salons have promotions to keep customers coming back. Check salon web sites or sign-up for salon’s newsletter to find out about limited time discounts.

Try Something New

To attract new customers, many new salons offer introductory offers for those willing to give their services a whirl.

Apply Topcoat Between Manicures

To make your mani or pedi last as long as possible, use a clear coat to keep nails protected. Good nail care and maintenance saves on costs and number of visits.

Buy in Bulk

If you’re addicted to massages or manicures ask about package deals. Prepaying for services can save you up to $100.

Test Out a Newbie

Often stylists who have recently gone through training cost less than experts. It’s a great way to save cash and, since the staff is already trained, there’s minimal risk of botch-ups.

Go on a Training Night

To train staff, many salons offer nights where haircuts or facials are half price.

Visit a School

Places like the Aveda Institute or other beauty schools have offerings at permanently-reduced prices for treatments done by student stylists.

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