The No-Hassle, High-Style Holiday Card That Costs ... a Lot Less

envelopeThe Problem

Sending those gorgeous, personalized, classic holiday cards is, in practice, an expensive pain. You run around for cute cards, fight the crowds to pick up stamps, contact people to collect home addresses—what, you moved again?—only to have January 1st roll around with the cards still sitting unsent.

The Solution

Save yourself the hassle, the money and the inevitable guilt (when you send them late or not at all) by sending gorgeous, personalized, classic online cards.

The Action

Paperless Post, our go-to place for online invitations, just introduced holiday cards. This custom online stationer makes it super easy for you to design and send (no more home address mistakes!) something so good-looking that you'll be the envy of the holiday card-sending masses. Not only that, but you'll save money. With Paperless Post, it's $10 to send out 150 cards (to pay for "Paperless Stamps"), which is a savings of $56 over the cost of real stamps. And, let's not forget about cards, which can often cost about $20 for 20. Did we also mention that by using these you'll doing your eco-duty by going paperless?

Now, that's stylish.


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