Things We Love: Billeo

Things We Love: Billeo

The Financial Problem

You love the convenience of shopping and paying bills online, but hate remembering dozens of passwords, filling out the same forms over and over and trying to keep track of all those confirmation numbers.

The Solution

Stop stressing and let a browser app streamline your online experience.

The Action

Billeo remembers all your passwords and payment details, allowing you to pay bills and shop online with a single click. Just download the free browser toolbar and follow a few simple steps to add monthly bills, edit your eWallet, and manage your passwords. And you can rest easily because you’ll know that all of your personal information is encrypted and stored in your computer’s browser, not on an outside site.

We love that it gives you one-click access to all of your bills (no more bookmarks to manage), sends you payment reminders, and even creates charts to track your spending. Plus, it saves electronic copies of your receipts so you can find them easily and you don’t waste paper on printing.

Our favorite part? Billeo’s Offer Assistant will make sure you never miss out on a discount again. Once you’ve downloaded the toolbar, it automatically tags search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo and fills in the coupon code at checkout.


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