Recession Holiday Tipping Guide


Recession Holiday Tipping GuideThe recession not only means that people will be giving fewer holiday gifts this year, but that they’ll be giving smaller holiday tips. According to a survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 30% of people who give end-of-the-year tips will be giving less.

But, according to Dan Post Senning, community moderator of the Emily Post Institute blog EtiquetteDaily, that’s not okay. Tips are supposed to be about quality of service, not about your ability to pay. The whole point is to show appreciation, particularly since holiday tips account for a significant portion of the service industry’s income.

We give you LearnVest-approved guide for proper holiday tipping, courtesy of the Emily Post Institute.

“If you can’t afford to tip your manicurist or the doorman, you shouldn’t be getting a manicure or living at a place with a doorman,” says Senning. “People may be tipping less this year, but etiquette demands that you stay within the range of acceptability.”

  • Hortense Avellar

    Great info here on holidays. I cant wait till my next holiday and this has been helpful.