How to Sell to a Consignment Store

How to Sell to a Consignment Store

Selling your old clothes to a consignment store can be a good way to clean out your closet and make some extra cash during the holidays. But not all stores are willing to pay you for your worn pair of Seven Jeans that you once spent a fortune on. Here are a few tricks to get stores to buy:

Get It Into Shape

Iron it, make sure the labels inside the garment are visible, and sew on any missing buttons. Having your garment look “gently” used can go a long way.

Pay Attention to Brand Names

Not all your stuff is going to sell, but that Ralph Lauren blazer that just doesn’t fit right anymore may be a good candidate.

Sell Quickly

There’s no need for your unworn clothes to take up room in your closet, and presenting your clothes to the store in a timely manner can insure that the style is up-to-date and will be accepted.

Seasons Matter

Trying to consign a tank top in the winter? Good luck. Instead, bring in season-appropriate clothing like coats or boots and save others for spring.

Investigate Your Options

Call a few stores to compare policies. For example, our favorite consignment store lets clothing sit for longer than 60 days if sellers agree to mark it down and gives us 50% of selling price.

Keep Track

If you’ve consigned a lot of pieces it’s important to know what’s being sold and when. Many stores don’t have good ways of tracking seller’s items and won’t follow-up with you when your item has sold.

More importantly, don’t feel compelled to work with a consignment store. If you’re getting a lower price that you’d ever want, be sure to checkout online options like eBay or


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