Got a Gift Card From a Store You Hate?

Got a Gift Card From a Store You Hate?

The Problem

You received a slew of unwanted gift cards. Sure, it was sweet of Aunt Sadie to give you a gift card for Talbots, but you're more of an Anthropologie kind of girl. What to do with these things, now?

The Solution

Resell those gift card duds at a discount, or exchange them for something more useful. If you aren't going to use those things anyway, then you might as well get something for them.

The Action

Sell your unwanted gift cards at Plastic Jungle or You won't get 100% of the card value, but close to it! While we like them both, note that Plastic Jungle often provides better deals than However, offers will vary based on what sort of gift card you have, demand, and seasonality. Plastic Jungle offered us $90 cash or $95 to use on Amazon, in exchange for a $100 Target gift card. They offered us $80 cash or $85 at Amazon for a $100 Starbucks gift card. Not bad!

If you want to preserve the card's full value, visit to trade your unwanted gift card for one that you want more, usually of equal value.

Although it would be great to retrieve the full value of every single gift card you receive, losing a few dollars from the card’s value is better than letting real money sit in your drawer while you wait for Talbots to become hip.

Our favorite part? These sites are also great sources for savvy shoppers. Whether or not you actually give the cards as a gift to someone else—next time you need something from Best Buy, you might as well snag a discounted gift card and use it for your purchase. That's an automatic deal, right there.


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