Creative Holiday Decorations Made from Objects You Already Own

Creative Holiday Decorations Made from Objects You Already Own

Old School Snowflakes

Retro is chic. Throw back to the past by creating paper snowflakes like the ones you made in elementary school. For a classic look, use plain white paper; for something fancier, try wrapping paper; for a funky vibe, make them out of the Sunday comics.

TOOLS: Paper and scissors.


Make a unique tree decoration by stringing together origami shapes. A string of origami cranes is good luck (click here for instructions on how to make one), but if you want something simpler, try making a bunch of easy candy canes or stringing together some origami hearts.

TOOLS: Origami paper. Or, simply cut normal copy paper into squares.

Personalized Tags

Lend a personalized touch to even store-bought gifts by spelling out the recipient’s name on the top of the box with sticker letters pressed into the wrapping paper.

TOOLS: Sheet of sticker letters.

Friendly Doorknobs

Tie bits of extra ribbon into bows around all of your doorknobs. Guests (and residents!) will feel the friendly, welcoming vibes every time they enter a room. You can use the same ribbon on all the doors for the sake of matching, though for a funkier look you might use the motley mixture of ribbons you’ve received from other people’s gifts.

TOOLS: Leftover ribbon.

Snowmen Village

Attach two Styrofoam balls to each other with a toothpick, the larger one on the bottom. Make these very simple snowmen in different sizes with different balls. Let them congregate on the window sill for an abstract but festive decoration.

TOOLS: Styrofoam balls and toothpicks.

Masking Tape Ribbon

Seal presents with colored masking tape, which provides a manicured seal without all the messy tape or ribbon mishaps. Alternatively, wrap colored masking tape around empty white boxes for a creative table centerpiece.

TOOLS: Colored masking tape.


Image credit: Patrick Q/Flickr


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