A Look Back on LearnVest's Favorite Money Milestones of 2009

A Look Back on LearnVest's Favorite Money Milestones of 2009

In honor of the new year,  LearnVest brings you 2009 in review. Below are some of our favorite money milestones, lessons learned, role models, and antiheroes of 2009.


The SEC appoints Mary Schapiro as its first permanent female chairperson. Schapiro is tasked with strengthening the agency in the wake of the failed economy.


President Obama signs the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, a collection of spending measures and tax cuts intended to spur economic recovery.


Forbes releases its list of Billionaire Women We Admire, adding important new meaning to the term "full-figured."


A Consumer Reports survey finds that 64% of Americans are concerned about being able to afford doctor visits, and 60% percent are afraid that an unforeseen medical issue could lead to bankruptcy.  Not surprisingly, 71% support health care reform.


President Obama signs the Credit Card Reform bill, which should limit the ability of credit card issuers to impose unfairly high interest rates and fees. It doesn’t go into effect until February 2010, which is why your bank might have tried to raise your interest rate this year.  (As always, we'll tell you that it's best to stay out of debt to begin with!)


Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff is sentenced to 150 years in prison for multiple fraud and securities violations. His cons showed unlucky investors why you can’t put your whole nest egg in one basket.


Democrats introduce a health care bill onto the floor of the House of Representatives, kicking the national health care debate up a notch.


At the end of the month, Business Week releases its list of the best places to launch a career, which notes that government hiring is one of the bright spots in a gruesome job market. How about a career with the CIA? You’d look awesome in a trench coat.


ForbesWoman recognizes Carol Meyrowitz as the second highest-paid woman in the country. Meyrowitz runs the company that owns TJ Maxx, and has mastered the art of making a profit by selling designer clothes at prices that allow us to hold on to more of our (much smaller) paychecks.

LearnVest presents as a finalist at TechCrunch50, the prestigious technology conference which selects and showcases the 50 most promising start-ups of the year.


SuperFreakonomics, which applies economic reasoning to a diverse array of real-world topics, debuts to huge success, following in the footsteps of its best-selling predecessor, Freakonomics.


We may never know how much Ruth Madoff knew about her husband’s Ponzi scheme, but her life takes a giant economic step downward. She watches U.S. Marshals auction off her homes, her furs, and even her husband’s college ring.

LearnVest launches!


The Center for Work-Life Policy reports that, from 2004 to 2009, the number of professional women with nonworking husbands rose 28%. It also found a new peak in the percentage of full-time working women who out-earn their husbands: 39%.

What did you think were the most notable milestones this year? Who are your role models and when it comes to managing money? Comment below!


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