9 Ways to Plan a Great Budget-Friendly Party for Under $50

9 Ways to Plan a Great Budget-Friendly Party for Under $50

There's no reason to turn your party into an extravagant, wallet-busting affair. We'll help you create an event to remember for just $50 bucks. Here’s how:

Cheese and Wine

Visit your local cheese shop to get fresh cheese from their sales bin—for sometimes as low as $1—which is full of leftover pieces from cheese that have almost run out. Then head to Trader Joe’s for plenty of quality wine options at less than $8 per bottle. Just don’t forget the crackers.

Buy in Bulk

Buy appetizers at Costco or Trader Joe’s and lay them out on fancy plates to give them the right party touch. Our favorites? Nancy’s Petite Quiche (30 for $10 at Costco) and Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Tacos (12 for $4).

Mix a Signature Punch

Make the holiday punch yourself and have your friends cook their favorite recipes.

Decadent Dessert

Negotiate with your favorite bakery to buy desserts that they’d have thrown out at the end of the night. Although this means that you won’t be able to plan ahead, you’ll have plenty of fancy desserts for under $2 each.


If you buy the meat and turn on the grill, your guests will come through with the beer and sides.

Plan a Brunch

With so much affordable breakfast foods (waffles, eggs, French toast) it’s easy to keep costs down for a Sunday afternoon gathering.

Be a Co-Host

Combining expenses can help lighten the load on each person. Plus, you'll get to meet new people!

Start Later

No one expects dinner at a party that starts after nine. So pick up some alcohol, blast the music, and tell invitees to get ready to dance.

Test It Out

Visit houseparty.com for a free trial of a party product. You’ll get freebies sponsored by big brands (anything from food to a Wii game) and your friends can come over to experience it.


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