5 Ways To Live The Holiday High-Life ... Frugally

Glitter purse: Living The Holiday High Life FrugallyThe holiday season always brings out the craving for a little luxe. But what to do when your high-end tastes don't match your bank balance? Whether you’ve still got holiday parties to attend or you’re already gearing up for New Year’s, check out our tips to celebrate with class—responsibly.

Bubbly For Bubbly?

Champagne is just bubbly produced in a specific region of France. You can get a lovely sparkling wine like Prosecco (from Italy) or Cavo (from Spain) for half to one-third of the cost, easily.

Caviar Tastes?

Try American paddlefish caviar. Paddlefish is a cousin of sturgeon; the treat will run you less than $20 an ounce, compared to $50-$150 per ounce for Beluga or Osetra.

Want to Smell Good for Sweet Prices?

Need a festive fragrance but not willing to drop $200 to $250 on a bottle of Chanel Cuir de Russie? $15 will get you a 5 ml spray bottle (good for three to four parties) at The Perfumed Court.

Cutting the Cost of Cuts?

If you're willing to give up a little creative control, high-end salons offer free or very low-cost cut and coloring services on training nights. Check out Allure's directory of training nights in top salons in your area. However, note that getting your hair cut on a training night will often translate to much longer wait times. Since the students need to consult with their teachers about your hair (which is good—you don’t want them to mess up!), cuts can sometimes take up to three hours.

Flitting Between Parties?

You can't keep recycling the same two little black dresses, especially if you’re planning to have a really big New Year’s. With RentTheRunway.com, you can rent a Vena Cava or Proenza Schouler for four nights, at the cost of about $50 to $200.

Looking for not-too-expensive hostess gifts to bring to those parties? Check out our slideshow with nine ways not to show up empty-handed to holiday parties.

With these tips, you've got your bases covered for a fashionable holiday season that won't break the bank.


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