Web Roundup 11/13/09

Web Roundup 11/13/09

BlogRounduplWe have trawled the Web for the most thought-provoking money (mostly!) articles out there…and now we’ve narrowed them down to our favorites. Read below for today’s Web roundup:

1. How Fast Can Our Climate Change—Very Fast Apparently: Fascinating article! The last ice age engulfed Europe in a matter of months. Forget your personal finances, just think about what that would do to the world economy.

2. 12 Tiny Funds Up At Least 25% in 2009: Thinking about investing in a mutual fund? Check these out.

3. The Second Life of Food: Tips on ways to prevent wasting your almost-bad-but-not-quite-yet foodstuffs.

4. Verizon Configures Phones So You Incur Erroneous Data Charges?: At least, so says a tipster. There’s an annoying “mobile web” button that’s easily pressed accidentally by Verizon’s 87 million customers, but, says the source, the company won’t change because it enjoys sticking people with the $2 data charge each time. Wait, you mean companies like extorting customers?

5. How to Avoid Debit-Card Overdraft Fees Ahead of Fed’s New Rules: The Fed has good stuff in the works; instead of slapping you with hefty overdraft charges, banks will have to ask permission … or, simply tell you that you’re about to overdraw. Until those changes go into effect next summer, follow these tips to stay ahead of the pack.

BONUS! Not financial … but interesting!

6. Turns out that there’s water on the moon!


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