How to Score $100 for Your Useless Old Cell Phones

How to Score $100 for Your Useless Old Cell Phones

The Financial Problem

You've upgraded to the newest version of the latest gadget, but what to do with the old versions lying around your apartment? (We're sorry, but that dusty, old BlackBerry is not art—no matter how crafty those 2 a.m. texts were.) And, you know that if you toss them in the trash you'll feel guilty.

The Solution

Recoup some cash and keep the electronics out of the landfill.

The Action

Gazelle will pay you for iPhones, BlackBerries, laptops, and cameras; in all, they cover 20 distinct product categories, encompassing 30,000 products. Plug in the make and model, answer some questions, and a pricing engine will calculate what they'll pay you. Every item gets an offer. Average amount: $100.

To make things even more of a no-brainer, they'll send you a box, pay for postage, insure the package for loss and damage, track it, and, once they receive it, wipe away your personal data. Gazelle will then resell the stuff on eBay or to a wholesaler. If your electronics are too old or tattered, they'll recycle them.

Our favorite part? Nothing beats making money for cleaning junk drawers, except maybe making money for cleaning junk drawers while protecting the environment.


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