How to Save Money at the Farmer’s Market

How to Save Money at the Farmer’s Market

I’m often asked insider tips on how to save money while gourmet food shopping. I always recommend Trader Joe’s for pantry basics. An herb garden is a wonderful and inexpensive way to have fresh herbs on hand. A CSA box split between friends can be an affordable way to access fresh, locally grown produce. But for my money (and time), nothing beats a friendly-vendor, -music-filled visit to my local farmers market.

A lot of people think that shopping at a farmer’s market is more expensive than buying at a grocery store. Well, sometimes that might be true. But I’ve found that with just a little bit of thought and planning, you can find great deals on fresh, often organic goods—all while supporting your local community and having quite a bit of fun. Just follow my guidelines.

Bring Your Own Bags

Obviously you do this already (if you don’t, wake up and smell the Envirosax). But beyond reusing big plastic grocery bags or bringing a tote, consider saving and reusing plastic produce bags, too. Many vendors now charge $0.25 and up for new ones.

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