Scoring Group Discounts, Even if You’re Alone

Scoring Group Discounts, Even if You’re Alone

The Financial Problem

We need that guilt-free splurge, but want to be smart about it.

The Solution

Buying in bulk (...just stay with us on this one). This method works for schools and institutions, so why not for us? Now, if we could only get hundreds of our friends to buy the same thing, we'd be in great shape and ready to reap the rewards of lower prices from buying in volume.

The Action

Check out Groupon, because that’s pretty much what it does—minus the whole begging 300 of your friends to tag along to the spa. Business owners post incredible discounts (up to 50% off, and often more) on the site, and readers can get these “group rates.” One deal is posted every day, and each is dependent upon enough people signing up. If only five people sign up for a deal that has a 100-person “tipping point” (the cutoff at which the deal is officially happening), then none of those people receive the special deal. But, we’ve been using this site for ages, and we have yet to come across a deal that didn’t happen.

Our favorite part? The deals are for things we actually want. Services range from aromatherapy to acupuncture to personal assistance, along with food and boutique specials. Groupon currently serves tons of cities, including New York, Nashville, Los Angeles and Jacksonville.


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