Friday Financial Confessions: Third Week of November Edition

Friday Financial Confessions: Third Week of November Edition

Make no mistake, this section is what not to do.

But we thought it would be a nice group catharsis to send along some financial confessions. We advise you to read 'em, learn from 'em, and NEVER repeat 'em.

Christina, 27, Seattle, WA

“My doctor is the best (he’s great, aside from the fact I have a small crush on him). My company switched insurance plans so now he’s out of network, but I didn’t want to stop seeing him. I went anyway, but now I’m stuck with a bill for $500.”

Bonnie, 25, Boston, MA

"My boyfriend and I are about to celebrate our first anniversary and I want to do something special. I was just approved for $500 on my Victoria's Secret credit card, and I found myself spending $450 in one visit, just on a few lingerie sets. I can't possibly let him know how much I spent, because that's not sexy."

Amy, 26, Miami, FL

"I joined my friend's really nice gym for $85 a month, even though all I really need is a treadmill.  We were supposed to go together twice a week, but she just moved to Philly and I've been so busy that I haven’t been able to go at all. But I already signed up for the year contract!"

Taylor, 25, Boulder, CO

“I went out of town for the week and didn't notice that my credit card bill was due while I was away. I got home and paid it a day—ONE DAY—after the grace period, and now I'm stuck with almost $50 in fees! ”

Betsy, 24, Annapolis, MD

"I wanted a puppy for three years, so when I found Lucy, I couldn’t stop myself from buying her. I was a college senior and took $600 out of my student loan money (that’s how much she cost!). But I didn’t account for shots, getting her spayed, paying for a dog-walker when I was in class, etc. That cost $1,000 for the first month, and about $500 for every month after that. Lucy is as adorable, but I can't afford her."

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