Me to the Moon Me to the Moon

The Financial Problem

Expensive holiday travel.

The Solution

Better search engine and cheaper flights.

The Action, a new travel search engine (think Google for flights), clearly and easily allows you to find great prices. It’s not as confusing as other travel sites, has a clean interface for quick browsing, and takes you straight to the airlines when it’s time to buy. (That means there are no hidden fees.). A recent search turned up dozens of sub-$200 fares across the country. Unlike other travel search engines, shows you prices on flights without revealing airline companies (only flight times). If you're not picky about which airline you fly, that means savings.

Our favorite part? For most big cities, a calendar feature displays the lowest price for each day—perfect for bargain hunting. We didn't know which December day to visit a relative in Miami, but a quick calendar check showed us that that flying there on a Tuesday instead of a Monday could mean a difference of $83. Once you sort through the various airline and flight options, you’ll be redirected to book directly with the site. With airfare prices always changing, it can (literally) pay to check back often. That means savings for you!

Alina Dizik is a frequent LearnVest contributor.


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