Dating on a Dime

Dating on a Dime

Let’s face it: The economy may be improving, but blast that lagging economic indicator—unemployment is around to stay, at least for a little bit. And while you may have plenty of time on your hands, the reality is that, more likely than not, your pockets will be a little bit emptier than desired.

Never fear, necessity is the mother of invention! And there are plenty of ways you can save money on a date (without looking like a cheapskate). Clever, low-cost date ideas will get you out and about in the world with your sweetheart and allow you to get to know each other better than any fancy-schmancy dinner could ever facilitate…

Below, Love Buzz examines five great tips for recession-proof dating and offers up a few of our own.

Make a Good Impression-ism

Most museums offer free admission one night a week.

What better way to show off your art history degree than now (and dad said it would never come into good use!)? What’s more, comparing artistic preferences will give you good insight into his world.

Find Each Other’s Chi

Many fitness centers and yoga studios offer intro classes giving first timers the chance to find each other’s chi absolutely free of charge.

If you’re not into yoga, there are other plenty of free physical activities you can find at local park and recreation centers. Go rent bikes, paddle a canoe, visit the botanic gardens, or take a hike.

Have an Earth Date

Invite your date to volunteer at a local park cleanup and contribute to the earth and your love life at the same time.

Doing good feels good: It’s proven.

Read Between the Lines—Go to a Bookstore

Bookstores are often hosts to authors from around the world, celebrities and sports heroes, making your local bookstore the most interesting free venue in town.


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