Cash for Clicks (Of the Shutterbug Variety)

Cash for Clicks (Of the Shutterbug Variety)

The Financial Problem

You are a shutterbug. You take beautiful photos all the time as a hobby, but you don't make any money from it.

The Solution

Sell your artsy photos to stock photo websites.

The Action

Set up an account on a stock Website like Dreamstime, Shutterstock or StockXpert. These companies sell generic (but pretty!) images for articles like this one. If you want to submit images with people (the latest museum party?), you will need to print an easy model release form and have your friends sign it.

When photographer Lisa Young started selling photos to Dreamstime, it was a hobby: “When you’re taking the pictures anyway, everything is gravy.” Her portfolio grew, and after about six months, she was making a few hundred dollars per month! Nowadays it’s more than a hobby, and her photos are downloaded a few thousand times per month. At about 93 cents for every download…do the math! (In case you're numbers-averse, you'd make just under $2,000 per month if you experienced 2,000 clicks per month!)

Our favorite part? Some sites allow you to upload your photos directly from Flickr. Your photos need to be good, but it’s great to feel wanted. Minimal effort, maximum gain (and fame)!


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