Black Friday Financial Confessions: Don't Do What They Did

Black Friday Financial Confessions: Don't Do What They Did

Black Friday is underway, and the madness has begun. Although you might consider running for cover, we've been talking to the masses in order to bring you special Black Friday financial confessions. Make no mistake, this section is ... what not to do. We advise you to read 'em, learn from 'em, and never repeat 'em.

Caryn, 25, Los Angeles, CA

“My favorite day of the year isn’t my birthday, my boyfriend’s birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, anything like that. I love Black Friday. I love searching the ads, fighting the crowds, and beating everyone else to the best deal. It’s like a competition. I prefer to go alone so that I don’t have to deal with anyone’s wants except my own. Selfish, right?”

Sam, 26, Phoenix, AZ

“Black Friday makes me a terrible driver. As I drove to the store, I turned left from the right lane, which almost got me killed by oncoming traffic. Then I zigzagged and entered the busy parking lot illegally from the wrong direction. I almost ran over a little kid.”

Meghan, 21, San Francisco, CA

“I get secret pleasure from cutting in line. I go with my best friend, and we stroll up and down the long lines to look for good places to cut in (wherever people aren’t paying enough attention). One of us will cut, while the other one will keep scanning for better places to jump in. If we find a better spot, one of us will cut in and wave to the other as though we were saving a spot the whole time. It’s turned into a game, and we compete for who can find the best spot.”

Debbie, 31, Atlanta, GA

“I hate going home for Thanksgiving because my mom makes me wake up at 4 a.m. to wait in line on Black Friday. We set up lawn chairs outside while we wait in line, and she loves doing it because it’s a mother-daughter tradition. I don’t have the guts to tell her I hate it. There’s no polite way to say, ‘I’d rather be sleeping than here with you.’”

Tina, 28, Reading, PA

"I bought a ridiculous sequined sweater for nearly $100 just because it was 8:55 a.m. and the sale was ending in five minutes at 9:00. Clearly, my coffee hadn't kicked in. What the heck I was doing by shopping at that hour? P.S. I have yet to wear that sweater."

Annabelle 26, Wilmington, DE

"I couldn’t find anywhere to park, so I started following a kid through the parking lot to his car. He noticed what I was doing, and he asked me to pay him ten bucks for the privilege of following him. I was so desperate that I accepted. I still feel like a chump. But hey, that’s what an hour of driving around for a spot will do to you."

Jane, 25, King Of Prussia, PA

“I spent $500 on a nice Blu-ray player that I didn’t end up installing or turning on for months. I was home for the holiday and my brother kept talking about how nice his Blu-ray was, so I thought I'd impress him by showing him how tech-savvy I could be. He was impressed! But then, when I took it back to my place, I had no idea what to do with it. Even now, I still don’t even own any Blu-ray discs, so it just sits there like an expensive reminder.”


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