Your One-Stop Online Life

Your One-Stop Online Life

The Financial Problem

You need to check your savings account balance, update your Facebook status, track how many phone minutes you have left and see if your flight is on time. Typically, that means logging on to several different accounts—that is, if you can spare the time, and remember all those account numbers and passwords. Somehow, your favorite childhood pet's name isn't coming to mind. (Was it Fluffy or Snowball?) And, unless your last name is Trump, you probably don't have a real assistant on hand to perform these tasks for you.

The Solution

Save time and avoid password headaches by using an application that easily allows you to consolidate all your online accounts in one place and manage them from anywhere. While the first generation of these account aggregators focused solely on finances, the latest version enables you to manage just about anything-even your latest eBay bid.

The Action

Download Pageonce's Personal Productivity Assistant application, either in its free version, or its more comprehensive one, for $9.99. It works on a variety of smartphones, so whether you're an iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or an Android person, you're good. We really like that this app provides a solution for couples who need to easily access joint online accounts. It's also a quick way for your emergency contact to retrieve your accounts should something happen to you. And, worrywarts, take note: You can easily block access to your data via the settings option, in case you lose your phone.

Ashlee developed a passion for financial literacy while leading consumer advocacy efforts during her five years at ING Direct. She is a marketing consultant who teaches writing at Temple University.


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