The Mission Behind LearnVest

The Mission Behind LearnVest

Below is an excerpt from the original mission statement our founder & CEO drafted up back when she was a senior in college. It is has never been edited or revised.

The Problem

“If we think about it, we work really hard to make money for others – wake up early, RACE to work, stay late, SKIP THE GYM, cancel plans. We're good at what we do BUT how often do we take time to think about our own finances? Why don't we sprint to figure out the best way to make our paycheck work for us? Why are we good at making money for others, but LOUSY at making money for OURSELVES?"

Why is Money Important to Us?

“We won't bore you with the obvious reasons. We need money to live. BUT—money allows us to enhance our passions—for the artists, a studio—for the French speaker, a future house in France, for the wine lover—a cellar or a vineyard. Money allows you to better explore and appreciate your passions. You can enhance your life, by understanding money early—you can have your idea of a great life at your fingertips. You can better define your time because you have OPTIONS. Being rich means different things to different people—define your wealth on your own terms—what do you need to be happy? Take the time to define it—and then understand your finances so you can make it happen.”

Why Don't We Discuss Money With Our Friends?

“We're young—we're all in the same boat yearning for the extra square footage and hauling to the sample sales for designer wares, we all just graduated and are trying to make it happen and establish our careers. We're all trying to save some money! At this age, while we're planning our futures, there is no reason to be silent with our friends about our finances. We seek advice when it comes to relationships, diets or travel plans BUT, we're silent when it comes to fiscal matters!”

AVT’s Final Words of Wisdom

“If you're capable of hitting the elliptical while reading a book and catching up with a friend with your laundry running- you can set up a 401k or an investing account. The hurdle is to just stop being intimidated by your money, EMBRACE your finances and start learning...”


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