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  • Chrystal

    The recipe won’t load.

  • Chrystal

    Another recipe that doesn’t load, nice NOT!

  • Chrystal

    More instructions that don’t load.

  • Chrystal

    And yet more instructions that won’t load week 2.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Chrystal,

      We’re trying to fix this problem for you ASAP. To help us, please let us know what browser you’re viewing the recipe in (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and what version of that browser you’re using. For now, all the recipes you’ll need for the week are located in the downloadable PDF on the main page for Food for a Month Week 2.


      • Jplunkett8471

        Can you please upload a PDF for Week 1 like all the other weeks?  PLEASE?

  • Bhland1

    The recipes aren’t loading. Please fix this!

  • PLC3

    Simply highlight the full text of the recipe you wish to copy, then press Control-C (both at once), and paste (Control-V) the recipe into Notepad. (If you want to paste it into Word Perfect or MS Word, use Alt-E-S (hold down the Alt key, then press E, then S). I then go to the top of the new document and type in the name, and on the 2nd line, i copy the URL (the bar at the top that starts with “www” or “http”), using the same process: 1. Copy 2. Paste.

    I save mine into a folder called “RECIPES” (without the quotes), which has many sub-folders for “Beef,” “Chicken,” “Cakes,” etc.