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A Simple Antidote to Overspending: Gratitude

Researchers suggest feeling thankful—for anything!—can curb the urge to buy. And it's not just impulsive shoppers who can benefit.

Your August 2014 Financial To-Dos

Celebrate the start of a new school year with these five assignments that will help you achieve money and career success.

Bottom Dollar Effect: How Money in the Bank Boosts Your Buying High

Turns out there's a link between purchase happiness and the size of your savings account. Here’s the science-backed reason why.

Your July 2014 Financial To-Dos

Ready to celebrate National Savings Month? To help, here are five to-dos that will guide you toward saving success this summer.

How to Budget Your Money With the 50/20/30 Guideline

It's hard to know how much you should spend on housing, clothing or food. Lay your confusion to rest with the 50/20/30 rule.

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Budgeting 101

If you want to reach your goals in life, there’s one thing you must do: have a budget. Learn why it’s important and how it can help you.



I Want to Set Up a Budget

A budget is your first step to financial freedom! Start here to learn how to set up a foolproof budget that still allows room for fun.


Live a Debt-Free Life

Get on the road to banishing your debt once and for all with this three-day bootcamp.

Take Control

Get the life you want with the money you have in this 10-day program.

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