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Equal Opportunity Debt: Even the Rich Are Saddled With Student Loans

College grads from affluent families are leaving school with record debt burdens. What's behind the boom in high-income borrowing?

Loans That Linger: The Effects of Student Debt Decades Later

There's no such thing as a free lunch—especially when it comes to college debt. How loans are affecting defaulters in retirement.

How Much Are You Sacrificing to Pay Down Your Student Loans?

The New York Times broke down the long-term impact of paying off college debt over saving—and the results might surprise you.

Americans Get Deeper in the Red

A new survey finds that 1 in 4 citizens owe more in credit card debt than they have in savings. What's putting them in the hole?

How Much Debt Is Too Much?

It isn't just about the total dollar figure. Several others signs can also signal that your debt is getting out of control.

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9 Mistakes Not to Make With 529 Savings Plans

Need to save for college, but not quite sure how? These pitfalls should be on your radar.

8 Debt Collection Mistakes Not to Make

Getting calls from collection agencies? Learn what your rights are and what you shouldn't do.

Common Student Loan Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you're planning on taking out loans, you're in school or your payments are about to kick in, we've got the mistakes that will cost you money and cause you grief.



I Want to Create a Plan for Paying Off Debt

Trying to pay off debt can be overwhelming, but becoming debt-free is doable. We show you how to do it step-by-step.


Live a Debt-Free Life

Get on the road to banishing your debt once and for all with this three-day bootcamp.

Take Control

Get the life you want with the money you have in this 10-day program.

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