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Score! Americans' Credit Rankings Reach an All-Time High

The average FICO score hit 692 this year—up six points from a record low in 2009. Experts explain the uptick.

FICO 2.0: What You Need to Know About the New Credit Score Changes

New tweaks to the credit-score formula may help boost peoples' scores. We look at the pros—and cons—to the revamped methodology.

Why Your Credit Score Could Suddenly Change on You

FICO just upgraded its scoring system to better assess credit risks—and there's a nearly 50% chance your score will be impacted.

How to Keep Bad Credit From Ruining Your Chances of Renting

If your credit is less than stellar, convincing a landlord to take you on as a tenant may be tough—but there are ways around it.

Why a Divorce Can Boost Your Credit Score

A new survey finds that splitting up could impact your numbers ... for the better. Here's why.

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10 Top Credit Mistakes to Avoid

Keeping stellar credit can save you tens of thousands of dollars. That's why you'll want to avoid these ten pitfalls.

10 Things You’re Embarrassed to Ask About Credit

Long after we finish school, we'll still be graded on how we handle credit. Clear up the mysteries of your credit score and report with these 10 questions.

Credit Scores 101

A good credit score can save you some serious cash—think $5,000 on a 60-month $20,000 auto loan, according to one study. Find out how to manage it well.


I Want to Dispute an Error on My Credit Report

Studies say up to 25% of credit reports contain errors, some of which could drag down your credit score.

I Want to Negotiate Down My Credit Card APR

If you're trying to pay off credit card debt, the interest rate is a huge factor. Here's how to convince your credit card company to lower it.


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