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How to Budget
Your July 2015 Financial To-Dos

Five quick exercises—like evaluating your cooling bills and revamping your LinkedIn profile—for a financially healthy month.

The Student Loan Debt Clock: $3,055 Per Second and Climbing

College loans total $1.2 trillion ... as of yesterday. Check out this debt ticker, which tallies the nation's total—in real time.

Battle of the Sexes: Nest Egg Edition

A report reveals women contribute to 401(k)s at a higher rate than men—but have less in their accounts to show for it. What gives?

Don't Be a Boomer: The Retirement Mistake You Don't Want to Make

A new report reveals more than half of people 55-plus don't have any nest egg to speak of—and that's not the only sobering stat.

How to Budget
Your June 2015 Financial To-Dos

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy! Soak up some financial wisdom with these five money tasks—before you go soak up the sun.

Top Money Mistakes To Avoid

10 Retirement Myths That Can Wreak Havoc on Your Nest Egg

There are too many mistaken beliefs floating around about the “R” word. Here's the truth about saving for retirement.

9 Mistakes Not to Make With 529 Savings Plans

Need to save for college, but not quite sure how? These pitfalls should be on your radar.

Loans & Mortgages
7 Top Mortgage-Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

A home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. Be sure not to trip over these mortgage-shopping pitfalls.

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How to Budget
Newlyweds Checklist: 10 Steps to Mapping Out a Money Mission Statement for Couples

Every couple should have one—but few do. Here's how to draft a money mission statement for a sound future together.

Checklist: 5 Top Year-End Tax Moves to Make—Today

From making an added mortgage payment to using up flex spending, there's still time to ease your tax burden—if you act fast.

Health Insurance Checklist: 12 Coverage Terms Everyone Should Know

Insurance lingo got your head spinning? We define the need-to-know vocab that will help you get through open enrollment season.

Checklist: I’m Ready for a Home! 9 Steps to Stress-Free Home-Buying

Homeownership tops many a lifetime to-do list—and many a financial fear list. Prime yourself for the big purchase with this guide.

How to Budget
Checklist: I Want to Start Building Good Financial Habits

Adopting these eight savvy money strategies—like paying yourself first—can help put you on the path to a firm financial future.

Checklist: I Want to Financially Prepare for a New Baby

Sleep isn't the only thing that takes a hit when you have an infant. But these to-dos can prep your finances before baby arrives.


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