The Focus of Love & Money Bootcamp

  1. Get on the same page about money.

    Learn when and how to have the right money talk for your relationship.
  2. Learn the best ways to combine your finances.

    Take a look at each of your individual financial situations, and work out a system that works for both of you.

Love & Money Schedule

  • day 1

    Learn the top ten money questions you need to ask your partner, and when you should ask them.
  • day

    Assess the different methods of combining finances and decide which—if any—is appropriate for you and your S.O.
  • day 

    Figure out your partner's money personality and discover how it will affect your financial future.
  • day 4

    Take our quiz to figure out your own financial type, and learn ways to marry your and your partner's money styles.
  • day 5

    Weigh the pros and cons of moving in together, and determine the best way to share your space.

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